Feb. 4th, 2017

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Sign ups are open!. You can sign up for the Vids in Space exchange here.

The Rules & Guidelines post contains full instructions for signing up, with screenshots to help if you get stuck.

- You can request 4 - 8 fandoms. At least one of those must be a safety fandom, which is a source 240 minutes or less. Your first four requests must be for fandom tags that don't overlap, to give your vidder options; after that, you can go wild. "Multi-Fandom" is also an option for request sign ups, if you want to request a multifandom vid on the theme.

- You can offer 4 - 10 fandoms. See the guidelines post for more info on how to handle overlapping fandom tags, etc.

- You can include character and relationship tags on your requests and offers. These are used in matching if possible, to give everyone the best possible assignment. The character and relationship tags are, however, still optional for the vidder; the only requirement is the fandom itself.


This is the complete list of fandoms for Vids in Space:

Safety Fandoms )

Non-Safety Fandoms )
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Once you've signed up for Equinox, you may want to post a Dear Equinox letter. These are entirely optional, but can be fun! Here are some examples of letters from Festivids:
- Festivids letters by cupidsbow
- Festivids letters by Trelkez

Letters are for the vidder assigned to you, or anyone who might want to make you a treat. They should at least contain your requested fandoms and any character or relationship tags in your requests, and are a good place to fill out your requests by adding more details, likes/dislikes, music preferences/suggestions, and so on. There's a space in the sign up form for a link to your letter, so if you post a letter after signing up, we encourage you to go back and edit your form with a link. 

You can also include trigger information in your letter if you wish to do so. Your letter is a good place to get that information to treat vidders; including it is in no way required, and you should only do what you're comfortable with, but mods won't be able to communicate directly with treat vidders like we can to your assigned vidder.

Letters can be posted to DW, LJ, Tumblr, your Wordpress blog, your Twitter 140 characters at at time (...maybe not that last one), wherever. When you have a letter up, link it here in the comments, along with a) the name you signed up with, and b) a list of the fandoms you requested.

Have fun, and as always, you can reach the mods at equinoxvids@gmail.com if you have any questions!


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