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Hey all -- the Spring Equinox vidders have now been revealed! You can see who made your favorites & if your guesses were correct on the Archive of Our Own collection listing. Thank you to all our vidders and vidwatchers for making this first Equinox exchange a success!
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Nominations for Equinox Exchange (Vids in Space!) are rolling in, yay!

Please remember to nominate works less than 240 mins to the separate safety fandom tag set. Longer works plus things like books, comics etc go to the regular tag set.

You get 10 regular nominations and 5 safety nominations.
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Nominations are open for the first Equinox Exchange! The theme is Vids in Space. Nominate longer fandoms here and safety fandoms here. But please also read the information below!

The exchange will happen at the Archive of Our Own. If you don't have an account, sign up for one soon in order to participate.

From the Rules and Guidelines post:


You can nominate up to 5 safety fandoms and up to 10 longer fandoms.

Nominations will be open for two weeks. Please only nominate fandoms if you are interested in participating in the exchange.

Tag Sets

There are two tag sets for the spring exchange: one for safety fandoms (240 minutes / 4 hrs or less) and one for longer fandoms (241 minutes or more). The tag sets are separated to make it easy to see which fandoms are classed as safeties and which are not.

Safety fandoms will have to be nominated specifically to the safety tag set, and longer fandoms to the main tag set.

Tag Moderation

After nominations close, the tag set moderator (with assistance from other exchange moderators as needed) will look over all nominated sources. They'll be checking for two things:

  • Does the fandom fit the theme?

Nominated fandoms are expected to fit the guidelines given here. Anything needing clarification will be posted to the exchange Dreamwidth to give nominators a chance to explain their nominated source's relation to the theme. If a fandom tag overtly does not fit the guidelines, moderators aren't required to ask for clarification; anything can be rejected from the final tag set if it doesn't fit, and the final decision on all approval/rejection of fandom tags is with the exchange moderators.

  • Was the fandom nominated to the correct tag set?

The tag mod will also be checking the total runtimes of nominated sources to make sure that all safeties (and only safeties) are in the safety fandom tag set. Any duplication between tag sets will be removed at this point.
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We were pretty late in sending out the reminders, so Equinox Exchange nominations have been extended to February 4. All the other dates are the same, so here's the new schedule:

Jan 18 - Feb 4: Nominations
February 4 - 11: Sign ups
April 9: Deadline for primary assignment vids
April 22: Vids go live
April 29: Vidder reveals

Previous posts will be updated with new dates.

More information at this post.
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First of all, I'm very sorry this is such a last minute reminder. We have had some hiccups with passwords to the various equinox exchange accounts as well as mod illness and personal emergencies.

Our first exchange is coming up! The theme, which many of you voted on way back in September, is Vids in Space. Here is a more detailed description of the theme.

The dates for the Spring Equinox vid exchange are:

Jan 18 - Feb 4: Nominations (was originally to Jan 25)
February 4 - 11: Sign ups
April 9: Deadline for primary assignment vids
April 22: Vids go live
April 29: Vidder reveals

Nominations start soon!

The exchange will happen on the Archive of Our Own -- here is the AO3 Collection Page for the exchange (it's also on our main community page). If you don't have an AO3 account, see the link below for information on how to get one -- you'll need it to participate.

Here are the rules and guidelines for the exchange.
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The theme for Spring Equinox will be Vids in Space!

Description from voting: "Sources in any format taking place ~in space~. Anything not taking place on Earth counts, including sources primarily based on alien planets (e.g. The Martian, Stargate Atlantis, books set on alien planets) or space exploration without much actual space (e.g. Stargate SG-1). Includes sources such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, and Doctor Who."

To clarify: sources "not taking place on Earth" are expected to be in some way space related - if not space travel, then other planets, galaxies, etc.; does not include things like other dimensions or alternate universes on Earth, heaven/hell, and so on. The bulk of the source should follow these guidelines. Sources that base most of their material on Earth but are premised in large part on space exploration will be considered on a case by case basis.

Thank you to everyone who voted! Voting was very close, so if you were pulling for one of the other themes, know that they'll be up for vote again either for fall or next spring.
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Voting is open for the Spring Equinox 2017 theme!

You can vote on the theme here. (Poll URL: https://goo.gl/forms/brAOkvUUkr1dNFuQ2)

Voting closes on Friday, September 9th at 11:59PM UTC.

For the first exchange season, we decided to limit themes to those based on sources, rather than character type / pairing type / etc.; that won't always be the case, but the the first time out we wanted to be able to include as many characters/pairings as possible. The four potential themes for spring are:

- Based on Books
- Folklore, Fairy Tales, Legends & Mythology
- Sources from the 1990s
- Vids in Space

Full descriptions of the sources are on the poll page, with examples of fandoms each theme could include. You can also read them under the cut:

Theme descriptions. )
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Your mods are:

Lead moderator: Trelkez

Spring Equinox mod team: Eunice, fray-adjacent, sweetestdrain, and violace

Fall Equinox mod team: chaila, elipie, and Milly

Mods assistant: JetpackMonkey

More updates to come soon!
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