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Hello Equinox Exchange vidders! We hope you're having a marvelous time making vids in space.

First off -- don't panic, deadlines are still more than a month away. But I wanted to post a reminder of when they would be. So, here they are:

April 9: Deadline for primary assignment vids
April 22: Vids go live
April 29: Vidder reveals

Happy vidding! And if you have any questions, you can reach mods at
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Assignments are out for Spring Equinox 2017: Vids in Space!

If anything is wrong with your assignment (none of your assignment fandoms were ones you offered, your assignment didn't show up at all, you somehow got two completely different assignments ... etc.), please email as soon as you know, so we can get any potential errors sorted out.

There were no assignments left over from matching, so there are no pinch hits at this time! If any pinch hits go up later on, they will be posted here and linked on twitter and tumblr.

A couple reminders:

- If you will need subtitles on the gift vid(s) for you, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can make sure your vid(s) are subtitled for go live. 

- If you need more information from your assignment vidder, email and we can act as an intermediary. (If you were assigned a mod / would rather not go through the mods, any third party sworn to secrecy can act as an intermediary.)

- Equinox letters are being linked here

Happy vidding!
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Only a few more days left to sign up for the first Equinox Exchange! Sign-ups close on February 11.

More info about signups | Post a link to your Dear Equinox Vidder letter

As always, feel free to ask questions by commenting here or emailing equinoxvids at gmail.
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Once you've signed up for Equinox, you may want to post a Dear Equinox letter. These are entirely optional, but can be fun! Here are some examples of letters from Festivids:
- Festivids letters by cupidsbow
- Festivids letters by Trelkez

Letters are for the vidder assigned to you, or anyone who might want to make you a treat. They should at least contain your requested fandoms and any character or relationship tags in your requests, and are a good place to fill out your requests by adding more details, likes/dislikes, music preferences/suggestions, and so on. There's a space in the sign up form for a link to your letter, so if you post a letter after signing up, we encourage you to go back and edit your form with a link. 

You can also include trigger information in your letter if you wish to do so. Your letter is a good place to get that information to treat vidders; including it is in no way required, and you should only do what you're comfortable with, but mods won't be able to communicate directly with treat vidders like we can to your assigned vidder.

Letters can be posted to DW, LJ, Tumblr, your Wordpress blog, your Twitter 140 characters at at time (...maybe not that last one), wherever. When you have a letter up, link it here in the comments, along with a) the name you signed up with, and b) a list of the fandoms you requested.

Have fun, and as always, you can reach the mods at if you have any questions!
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Sign ups are open!. You can sign up for the Vids in Space exchange here.

The Rules & Guidelines post contains full instructions for signing up, with screenshots to help if you get stuck.

- You can request 4 - 8 fandoms. At least one of those must be a safety fandom, which is a source 240 minutes or less. Your first four requests must be for fandom tags that don't overlap, to give your vidder options; after that, you can go wild. "Multi-Fandom" is also an option for request sign ups, if you want to request a multifandom vid on the theme.

- You can offer 4 - 10 fandoms. See the guidelines post for more info on how to handle overlapping fandom tags, etc.

- You can include character and relationship tags on your requests and offers. These are used in matching if possible, to give everyone the best possible assignment. The character and relationship tags are, however, still optional for the vidder; the only requirement is the fandom itself.


This is the complete list of fandoms for Vids in Space:

Safety Fandoms )

Non-Safety Fandoms )
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Nominations for the Equinox Vid Exchange: Vids in Space close at 7:00 AM UTC on February 4th (what that is for your timezone).

Nominate safety sources (240 minutes or less)

Nominate regular sources (longer sources, comics, books, etc)

You can nominate up to 5 safety sources and 10 regular sources.

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As a general reminder, nominations close this coming Saturday, February 4th at 7:00AM UTC. You can see the current list of approved nominations and add your own nominations here: main tag set - ; safety fandoms tag set -

Two fandom inquiries:

- Contact (1997) - Mods can't decide whether the movie actually made into space or not. Either way, it doesn't fit the "mostly in space" requirement, but if someone can make a good argument for it, the floor is yours.

- The Jetsons (TV) - Our memories and Google skills are both failing us: is The Jetsons actually set to any significant degree in space? (The futuristic buildings on stilts are still on Earth ... right? Help?)

And one request:

- MoonDreamers - Can the nominator here switch this from the safety fandom tag set to the main tag set? We realize that 16 episodes at 15 minutes per episode does put it in right at 240, but given the number of episodes involved, we're going to tip this one over to being a non-safety.
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We've got lots of exciting nominations for our first exchange, themed Vids in Space. I've listed them below. Feel free to discuss/promote other possible nominations in the comments!

Regular Fandoms )

Safety Fandoms )
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Equinox fandom nominations are rolling along! Nominations will close at 7:00AM UTC on Saturday, February 4th, with sign ups opening later that day. We're approving nominations as they come in to help generate public lists of what's already been nominated, and you can see those on the tag set pages: safety fandoms -; longer fandoms - 

We have two fandoms that we're debating eligibility on. Whether or not you're the original nominator, feel free to weigh in: 

- Cosmos (1980) : The rule is that the bulk of the material has to be set in space, and believe it or not, Carl Sagan's Cosmos doesn't quite qualify, but given the overall theme of space discovery that ties much of the connecting material back, this one is on the fence.

- Earth: Final Conflict : Moderator memories of this show are dim, so can the original nominator or others with solid memories of the show please clarify - does the bulk of the material take place in space? If it takes place primarily on Earth (and the amount of material in space isn't fairly significant), it won't qualify.

If you have any questions about the rules for nominating fandoms, the way our tag sets will work, or anything else, you can comment here or email
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Nominations for Equinox Exchange (Vids in Space!) are rolling in, yay!

Please remember to nominate works less than 240 mins to the separate safety fandom tag set. Longer works plus things like books, comics etc go to the regular tag set.

You get 10 regular nominations and 5 safety nominations.
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Nominations are open for the first Equinox Exchange! The theme is Vids in Space. Nominate longer fandoms here and safety fandoms here. But please also read the information below!

The exchange will happen at the Archive of Our Own. If you don't have an account, sign up for one soon in order to participate.

From the Rules and Guidelines post:


You can nominate up to 5 safety fandoms and up to 10 longer fandoms.

Nominations will be open for two weeks. Please only nominate fandoms if you are interested in participating in the exchange.

Tag Sets

There are two tag sets for the spring exchange: one for safety fandoms (240 minutes / 4 hrs or less) and one for longer fandoms (241 minutes or more). The tag sets are separated to make it easy to see which fandoms are classed as safeties and which are not.

Safety fandoms will have to be nominated specifically to the safety tag set, and longer fandoms to the main tag set.

Tag Moderation

After nominations close, the tag set moderator (with assistance from other exchange moderators as needed) will look over all nominated sources. They'll be checking for two things:

  • Does the fandom fit the theme?

Nominated fandoms are expected to fit the guidelines given here. Anything needing clarification will be posted to the exchange Dreamwidth to give nominators a chance to explain their nominated source's relation to the theme. If a fandom tag overtly does not fit the guidelines, moderators aren't required to ask for clarification; anything can be rejected from the final tag set if it doesn't fit, and the final decision on all approval/rejection of fandom tags is with the exchange moderators.

  • Was the fandom nominated to the correct tag set?

The tag mod will also be checking the total runtimes of nominated sources to make sure that all safeties (and only safeties) are in the safety fandom tag set. Any duplication between tag sets will be removed at this point.
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We were pretty late in sending out the reminders, so Equinox Exchange nominations have been extended to February 4. All the other dates are the same, so here's the new schedule:

Jan 18 - Feb 4: Nominations
February 4 - 11: Sign ups
April 9: Deadline for primary assignment vids
April 22: Vids go live
April 29: Vidder reveals

Previous posts will be updated with new dates.

More information at this post.
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First of all, I'm very sorry this is such a last minute reminder. We have had some hiccups with passwords to the various equinox exchange accounts as well as mod illness and personal emergencies.

Our first exchange is coming up! The theme, which many of you voted on way back in September, is Vids in Space. Here is a more detailed description of the theme.

The dates for the Spring Equinox vid exchange are:

Jan 18 - Feb 4: Nominations (was originally to Jan 25)
February 4 - 11: Sign ups
April 9: Deadline for primary assignment vids
April 22: Vids go live
April 29: Vidder reveals

Nominations start soon!

The exchange will happen on the Archive of Our Own -- here is the AO3 Collection Page for the exchange (it's also on our main community page). If you don't have an AO3 account, see the link below for information on how to get one -- you'll need it to participate.

Here are the rules and guidelines for the exchange.
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These are the rules and guidelines for Spring Equinox 2017!

(Future seasons will operate very much the same, but some of the details may shift as the themes do.)

This is a comprehensive guide to participation; an abbreviated overview of the exchange rules will go up shortly on the Dreamwidth profile page.

General Information: mods, schedule, and platforms )

Seasons, Themes, and AO3 )

Fandom Eligibility and Safety Fandoms )

Nominations )

Sign Ups )
Assignments )

Gift Requirements and Outside Source/Crossovers )

Pinch Hits and Treats )
Uploading and Posting )

Check In and Defaulting )

Go Live, Anonymity Period, and Reveals )
Accessibility: content notes/warnings, subtitles )
Harassment )

If you have questions about any aspect of the exchange guidelines or anything else to do with Equinox, you can contact the moderators at

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The theme for Spring Equinox will be Vids in Space!

Description from voting: "Sources in any format taking place ~in space~. Anything not taking place on Earth counts, including sources primarily based on alien planets (e.g. The Martian, Stargate Atlantis, books set on alien planets) or space exploration without much actual space (e.g. Stargate SG-1). Includes sources such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, and Doctor Who."

To clarify: sources "not taking place on Earth" are expected to be in some way space related - if not space travel, then other planets, galaxies, etc.; does not include things like other dimensions or alternate universes on Earth, heaven/hell, and so on. The bulk of the source should follow these guidelines. Sources that base most of their material on Earth but are premised in large part on space exploration will be considered on a case by case basis.

Thank you to everyone who voted! Voting was very close, so if you were pulling for one of the other themes, know that they'll be up for vote again either for fall or next spring.
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Voting is open for the Spring Equinox 2017 theme!

You can vote on the theme here. (Poll URL:

Voting closes on Friday, September 9th at 11:59PM UTC.

For the first exchange season, we decided to limit themes to those based on sources, rather than character type / pairing type / etc.; that won't always be the case, but the the first time out we wanted to be able to include as many characters/pairings as possible. The four potential themes for spring are:

- Based on Books
- Folklore, Fairy Tales, Legends & Mythology
- Sources from the 1990s
- Vids in Space

Full descriptions of the sources are on the poll page, with examples of fandoms each theme could include. You can also read them under the cut:

Theme descriptions. )
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The dates for the Spring Equinox vid exchange are:

January 18 - 25: Nominations
February 4 - 11: Sign ups
April 9: Deadline for primary assignment vids
April 22: Vids go live
April 29: Vidder reveals

Some notes on the timeline:

- There isn't a set date for assignments to go out; they'll go out as quickly as possible after sign ups close.
- Pinch hits may not be due on the 9th, depending on when they're assigned.
- Treats will probably be able to be uploaded until the night before the exchange goes live; an exact day/time for the treat deadline will be added before nominations begin.
- The live/anon period will be one week.

Exact rules are still being worked out and will be posted here as soon as they're set. A poll for the spring exchange theme will go up next week.
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Your mods are:

Lead moderator: Trelkez

Spring Equinox mod team: Eunice, fray-adjacent, sweetestdrain, and violace

Fall Equinox mod team: chaila, elipie, and Milly

Mods assistant: JetpackMonkey

More updates to come soon!
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The initial round of mod volunteering for the Equinox vid exchange will wrap up tonight! If you’re interested in volunteering, please email by midnight eastern. There will be more opportunities for volunteering later on, but the spring and autumn mod teams themselves will be formed over the weekend.

Dates and details will begin to be worked out once the mod teams are in place. Further updates and discussion posts on how the exchange will run will roll out next week.
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Details of how the exchange will work, exactly what the dates will be, etc. are still being hammered out, but here is an overview of where things are so far: 

Equinox is a fanvid gift exchange. It will work very much in the traditions of Festivids, Yuletide, and other fanwork exchanges before it.

There will be two exchanges a year, one in spring and one in autumn. There will be a spring cycle mod team and a fall cycle mod team, with the spring exchange cycle starting in late January with vids going live in early April and the fall exchange cycle starting in July with vids going live in late September/early October.

Each exchange cycle will have its own theme.
 There is no one specific overall theme for the vid exchange; each spring cycle and fall cycle will have a different theme, voted on by participants. Example themes might be source genres, character types, decades in which sources came out, etc.; themes will be aim to be both specific and fairly broad in scope. As one exchange cycle ends, the theme for the next one will go up for vote. As there won't be an autumn exchange in 2016, the vote on a theme for spring 2017 will likely go up in September.

The exchange will (probably) be run through AO3.
 Details of this are yet to be determined, but Equinox will likely be run as a gift exchange/challenge through Archive of Our Own.

If you are interested in becoming part of the exchange mod team, please email! (No prior experience running AO3 gift exchanges is required.)


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